Expert consultancy and solutions in e-Learning

Business development and support services

Our work with clients in the education space is varied – but always designed to match their business needs.

With Kingstown College we have been providing both business and technical development support services.

In the business development sphere our engagement included the creation of a description of the online learning experience for their coaching diploma courses that would promote simpler engagement with potential clients. , access to sample content and participant involvement through one-to-one sessions with tutors as well as peer interactions.

Our technical and support services on Kingstown learning platform ( has included:

  • Usability design for ease of access to course materials and assignments
  • Technical support services for their e-learning platform ranging from improved user registration and notification management to improved reporting, data migration and the addition of new features.
  • Liaising with Synergy learning as the hosting Moodle partner.

ELSOL have been providing us with e-learning support services for a couple of years and had previously helped us set up our e-learning platform. Their e-learning knowledge is excellent and I really appreciate how Ciaran adds value through his advice and recommendations to the online learning part of our business. We have been very happy with the additions and improvements that ELSOL have been making to our online learning programmes. I highly recommend ELSOL!

Edward Boland, Kingstown College