Expert consultancy and solutions in e-Learning

Working with L&D Departments

Our work with L&D departments of a large semi-state company in the utility sector is typical of the services we provide to a number of our clients across industries.

Our semi-state client had been using some e-learning within the business but in 2014 embarked on a project for implementing their own e-learning platform and building up their own capabilities to develop e-learning in-house.

There were a number of requirements for the project:

  1. To select and implement a learning management system suitable to their requirement and strategic direction.

ELSOL works with both Moodle providers in Ireland – Enovation and Synergy Learning. We evaluated our clients needs and organised proposals from both of our partners. In this case the semi-state organisation chose the commercial version of Moodle, called Totara, which is supplied by Synergy Learning because it contained strategically advantageous features above and beyond delivering training using learning technologies. You can read more about Totara here. We are continuing to supporting our client to map its current internal processes and structures into the new platform for optimum operation and performance.

  1. To design and implement a format for e-learning modules in line with their business processes and brand.

ELSOL has produced many e-Learning modules in Articulate Storyline & Studio for the client to tailor training to the needs of the client. Each design contained instructional examples of how content would be presented, example questions, assessments, interactive events, objective statements and summaries. Taking into account the ease of use of Articulate Studio ’13 and its integration with Powerpoint, it was chosen as the authoring tool for development of e-learning presentations.  Elsol then produced template courses and designs using the client’s corporate images and identity.  Additional high level courses including video, show-mes, interactivity, talking avatars and audio are produced using Storyline, Camtasia and CrazyTalk.

  1. E-learning skills development and support

In order to enable our client to develop and maintain e-learning programs in-house ELSOL has provided upskilling sessions to cover the end-to-end process of developing and managing e-learning projects. These sessions have covered:

  • Evaluating source materials for conversion to e-learning format
  • Defining learning objectives (Blooms taxonomy)
  • Designing learning events (Gagnes 9 events)
  • Managing subject matter experts
  • Developing screens, interactions and assessments
  • Publishing content for deployment

ELSOL continues to develop e-learning presentations for our client while supporting them to develop new course scripts and e-learning presentations in-house.

Elsol have worked diligently over the last 3 years with us, advising in the most appropriate Learning Management System platform, support in the development, migration of e-Learning content and launch.  They continue to provide top quality e-Learning modules and lms support as needed.  I have found the team at Elsol to provide excellent service and expert knowledge and quick turn around.  Keep up the great work!

Eoin Cahill, Learning and Development, Gas Networks Ireland