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Our solutions and services options can engage with your business no matter what stage in the e-learning development cycle you need them.

In ELSOL we know it can be difficult to resource the development of new training initiatives, to keep subject matter experts on schedule, to develop on-line learning activities that support l&d programs, to develop attractive e-learning presentations that will engage your learner audience whether they are employees, students or clients.

There’s a lot to manage but we can help with your workload and be a partner to allow you to deliver. Why not Reach Out To Us to us for an explorative call or meeting and we will be happy to demonstrate how we can work with you.

It starts with Analysis & Design


Analysis & Design are 2 critical stages at the outset of any e-learning project and done well they secure a successful project outcome.

In these phases our expertise ensures your projects have a defined destination with planned outcomes and which specify how they will be achieved – the learning experience, the content, the platform, the business improvement…

We apply the ADDIE system as our project management methodology.

ANALYSIS is the first phase of the cycle. It defines the aim and objectives of any e-learning project. It ellicits the requirements for delivery of the content to the learning audience and it critically determines the metrics by which success will be measured.

The DESIGN phase spans a number of features and functions in a new e-learning program. Our expert instructional DESIGN skills brings best practice learning theory is applied in setting the structure, sequence and tone of the learning materials while graphical DESIGN will define give the program and professional and attractive appearance.

The output of the DESIGN phase is a script and storyboard for the subject matter expert and client stakeholder to review and verify as matching their need. There can be a few iterations required to getting the content outline finalised and ready for DEVELOPMENT.


Maybe you have the development resources for your project but Need Some Help with the ANALYSIS or DESIGN phase of your projects.

Followed by Development


We create the e-learning programs using the market leading DEVELOPMENT tools. We have the skills and resources to produce the programs to a rapid project deadline. Our in-house DEVELOPMENT team can be supported by our off-shore partners and a local network of highly skilled e-learning professionals.…

The physical creation of e-learning activities requires an expertise in tools, learning platform configuration and media/graphical production.

By the DEVELOPMENT stage all project requirements are fixed and well defined. The development team follows the previously signed off specification (script and storyboard) to produce the program screens. It’s important to keep a close eye on the development though, to:

  1.  Ensure whats being created closely matches the specification and standard expected
  2.  Track progress against the schedule and budget


The DEVELOPMENT phase only completes when the program content is signed off by subject matter experts and client stakeholders. Quality assurance is an important component of the DEVELOPMENT phase. In order to provide the program for sign-off reviews it must be fully functional and complete across its interface operation, its content presentation and it’s reporting. If you need DEVELOPMENT resources to boost your e-learning team for a key project Contact Us.

And finally Implementation & Evaluation

The DEVELOPMENT phase is is followed by the IMPLEMENTATION and EVALUATION phases of the project.

It’s the IMPLEMENTATION phase that often decides whether the project will stand or fail while the EVALUATION phase will report this key metric alongside overall program effectiveness.

For successful IMPLEMENTATION an e-learning program needs to be easily accessible to all learners, intuitively presented and provide for outcome reporting while the EVALUATION reporting will show the value of the program to the business.

Our implementation engineers support the setup and delivery of the program, the platform containing it and provide first and second level technical support for learner queries. Perhaps you Need Support for your e-Learning IMPLEMENTATION.

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